Ceremonial Rituals



Vodou is an Ancestral Spiritual Tradition from West Africa…

Haitian Vodou is a Way of life practiced in the form of rituals (drumings, libations, songs, dance, art, meditations) to invoke the Lwa spirits and the spirits of the ancestors. Vodou as a “religion” is monotheist. The Sèvitè believes is one God called Bondye or Granmèt la (the Creator.) 

Vodou is Equality, both the Manbo (female) and the Ougan (male), spiritual guardians of the  Mystères, the sacred science, are trusted with the same knowledge.

Vodou is Harmony, the Sèvitè respects the sacredness of all that live in nature, the elements.

Vodou is Tolerance, acceptance of the Other. Vodou is Tout Se Moun, humanity is universal. 

Vodou is the ancestral tradition of Haiti. It has transformed all evil deeds to become the wisdom of expanse of qualities such as tolerance, acceptance, equality, harmony, rejection of all type of oppression, exclusion and  subjugation so liberty can flourish. (Denise Felix)


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