Manbo Asogue Satela Bon Manbo

Spiritual Leader

Our temple is guided by our Spiritual Leader

Manbo Asogwe Satela Bon Mambo (MadameYoleine Gateau Esposito)

Our Peristyle is a sacred place to honor the

Lwas and the spirit of the Ancestors.

A space we hope will be your

Spiritual Sanctuary.

Let us guide you through your journey:
 Initiation, Spiritual Baths and Readings. 

We speak Creole, French, English, Spanish.



We Will Lead You Through Your Spiritual Growth

Initiation Yole_DSC_0037_5

Our initiates

"Vodou is my value system. Vodou is my way of life. Vodou is my religion, it fortifies my life. In the Vodou traditions, I honor my ancestors."
Yoleine Gateau
Spriritual Leader
“The journey was everything I had hoped for, and more. Manbo Yoleine guided me step by step through the initiation."
Manbo Asogue

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